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We are in the process of updating our information for 2019, but our program will run from June 24th-July 3rd, 2019

June 23rd — Resident Arrival
June 24th — Commuter Arrival, First Day of Class — 9am-6pm
June 25th — 9am-6pm class
June 26th — 9am-6pm class
June 27th — 9am-6pm class
June 28th — 9am-6pm class
June 29th — 9am-3pm class
June 30th — 9am-6pm class
July 1 — 9am-6pm class
July 2 — 9am-6pm class
July 3 — 9am-6pm class

Residents may check out either the evening of the 3rd or the morning of the 4th.
We will run weekend classes the previous weekend, because July 4th is a Thursday and it doesn’t make since to have class one more day on Friday after a day off.

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